The Spirit and the Maiden: CD

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After four successful seasons of beautiful chamber music events, celebrating music composed and performed by women, we are excited about releasing our debut CD. We have included three world premiere recordings, feature four Australian composers, alongside some gorgeous gems and audience favourites. As much as we love discovering music from the past, we are also proud to feature works by six living composers. 

“..the performers are to be congratulated on choosing such an imaginative programme”.. “committed and passionate” CD Review“..unique among chamber music ensembles…..wonderful tribute to the veritable wealth of classical music composed by women” Readings review of Spirit and the Maiden CD

“… eclectic and extraordinary assemblage of compositions… engendering beauty and impacting the senses, intellect, and the emotions of the audience…The quality of the performances of the Muses Trio throughout speaks to their extensive range of emotions and technique. Their commitment and dedication to promote the music of women is equally impressive and should stand as a call to arms for a resurgence in the scholarship, perfor- mance, and recording of the repertoire of women.”  Review from International Alliance for Women in Music Journal  


Repertoire List

Elena Kats-Chernin (Australian): The Spirit and the Maiden (violin, cello, piano).

Kate Neal (Australian): Song for Comb Man (solo piano) *World premiere recording

Louise Denson (Australian): Two Boleros (violin, cello, piano) *World premiere recording

Cécile Elton (Australian) – Insomnio de la cuidad (Tango for a Sleepless City) *World premiere recording

Amy Beach: Romance (violin and piano)

Jennifer Higdon – Pale Yellow / Fiery Red (violin, cello, piano)

Vítězslava Kaprálová – Elegy (violin and piano)

Nadia Boulanger: Three pieces for cello and piano.

Judith Bingham: Chapman’s Pool (violin, cello and piano)


Muses Trio would love to thank and acknowledge our generous CD crowd-funding campaign supporters, and our audience who continue to support and attend our performance projects. Thank you for your generous pledges which helped us create our debut album:

Alessandro d’Episcopo    Amanda Rosenfeld    Amber Evans    Anastasia Beuttner-Moore   Anna Milanovic    Anne Milanovic    Brenda Hunting    Bronwyn Bell    Bronwyn Carnavas  Chris Osborne    Christine Johnston    Deborah Brook    Deborah Merton    Drew & Lucy Jarvis    Gabby Gregory    Geoffrey Spurling    Heather Lloyd    Ilona Oltuski    Joane Ajala    Jocelyn Wolfe    Jo Hendrie    Joon-Yee Kwok    Judy & Reg MacDonald    Kent Farbach    Kirstie Page     Leila Maraun  Les Thompson    Linsey Pollack   Louise Denson     Mary & Alex Milanovic    Nichola Campbell    Rebecca Appleton    Sharon Bourne    Sophie Till    Steven Wall    Susan Bennett    Tim Yarham    Trudy Morrison    Zoka Milan

A special thank you for Brenda Hunting, Robert Davidson and Thomasin Kerr from Cooroora Institute.

Extra huge thanks to Barry and Jeanne Gorman, and their generous friends who choose to remain anonymous. Your support and vision for the Muses Trio is legendary.