Lullabies for Zander

‘Lullabies for Zander’ is a musical portrait for pianist Therese Milanovic’s firstborn, Zander. While some babies slumber to nursery rhymes, Zander’s dreams were coloured with sounds of exploring and rehearsing new music.

In this program first curated for International Women’s Day 2018, Muses Trio celebrate the wonder of mother earth and the power of cradle song with new music by Gila Carcas, Joyce Tang, Australians Nicole Murphy, Elena Kats-Chernin and Hilary Kleinig, and music of the past by Clara Schumann, Rebecca Clarke, and Luise Adolpha le Beau. This concert also featured two world premieres inspired by divine creation and lullaby, ‘Songs of Silent Earth’ by Natalie Williams, commissioned for the Muses by Vicki Brooke, and ‘Afflatus’ by Natalie Nicolas.

Featured Composers

Songs for Silent Earth is a suite for Piano Trio, commissioned by local Byron music lover, Vicki Brooke. This piece was written for the Muses Trio and premiered at Byron Bay for International Women’s Day 2018. The piece was commissioned to celebrate the natural beauty of Byron Bay, on Australia’s east coast, alongside a celebration of the voices of women. This suite reflects upon three female figures and interprets their voices musically in a series of “songs for the hours” musical pieces intended for the passage of the day.


Spinning Top, Nicole Murphy

Snowy Landscape, Joyce Tang

Beside the Lake at Taize, Gila Carcas

Wiegenlied , Louise Adolpha le Beau

Excerpts from Drei Romanzen, Clara Schumann

Songs of Silent Earth, Natalie Williams

Lullaby from Unsent Letters of Eric Satie , Elena Kats-Chernin

Afflatus, Natalie Nicolas [World Premiere]

Cockatoos, Hilary Kleinig