Repertoire List

Muses Trio advocate for and support other women. By including our repertoire list to date, alphabetised by the composer’s surname, we hope you might support women composers in the following ways: Request a piece you’ve enjoyed for radio broadcast, gift a score to a musician friend, nudge a local ensemble to program more music by women, or perform one of these wonderful pieces yourself. Each listing is linked directly to the website to purchase or download the score, or if not yet publicly available, to contact the composer directly.

Katy Abbott: Music for Demons (vln, vc, pno) *World premiere of this setting

Jean Ahn: A Flash of Ravel  (vln, vc, pno) *Australian premiere

Lera Auerbach: Piano Trio no 1 (vln, vc, pno)

Lera Auerbach: Piano Trio no 2, Triptych – This Mirror Has Three Faces (vln, vc, pno)

Nat Bartsch: Excerpts from Hope, for piano trio

Nat Bartsch: Into The Light (vln, vc, pno)

Nat Bartsch: Under the Thinking Tree (vln, vc, pno) *World premiere, commissioned by Muses Trio

Amy Beach: Dreaming (vc, pno)

Amy Beach: Piano Trio Op. 150 (vln, vc, pno)

Amy Beach: Romance (vln, pno)

Amy Beach: Selections from Five Pieces for cello and piano

Betty Beath: Encounters for violin and cello.

Luise Adolpha le Beau: Wiegenlied (vc / pno)

Judith Bingham: Chapman’s Pool (vln, vc, pno)

Melanie Bonis: Soir, Matin (vln, vc, pno)

Lili Boulanger: Nocturne for violin and piano

Lili Boulanger: D’un Soir Triste, D’Matin de Printemps (vln, vc, pno)

Nadia Boulanger: Three Pieces for cello and piano

Gillian Carcas: Beside the Lake at Taize (vln, vc, pno) *Australian premiere

Anne Cawrse: Songs Without Words  (vln, vc, pno) *World premiere performance

Cécile Chaminade: Piano Trio no 1, Op. 11 in G minor

Rebecca Clarke: Lullaby (vln, pno)

Rebecca Clarke: Lullaby (vln, vc)

Rebecca Clarke:  Piano Trio

Leonie Cohen: Spring Kiss and Lights Finale from the Anne Frank Suite *World premiere

Louise Denson: Two Boleros  (vln, vc, pno)

Louise Denson: Three Sketches (vln, vc, pno) *World premiere

Frankie Dyson-Reilly: Metamorphosis (vln, vc, pno) *World premiere, commissioned by the Muses Trio

Cécile Elton: Insomnio de la cuidad (Tango for a Sleepless City) *World premiere

Louise Farrenc:  Trio in Eb Major Op. 44

Gabriela Lena Frank: Manhattan Serenade (vc, pno)

Isabella Gerometta: Backlight (vln, vc, pno) * World premiere studio recording, commissioned by the Muses Trio

Isabella Gerometta: Final Girl Circuit (vln, vc, pno and midi keyboard)

Sally Greenaway:  Le Parc Monceau *World premiere, commissioned by Michael and Mary Tatchell.

Sally Greenaway: Petit Bateaux Dansants *World premiere, commissioned by the Muses Trio 

Sally Greenaway: Summer Beckons (vln, pno)

Sally Greenaway:  Three Poems for cello and piano

Jennifer Higdon: Brilliant Blue from Color Through (vln, vc, pno)

Jennifer Higdon: Nocturne from String Poetic (vc, pno)

Jennifer Higdon:  Pale Yellow, Fiery Red (vln, vc, pno)

Dulcie Holland: Cradle Song (vln, pno)

Sarah Hopkins: Reclaiming the Spirit  * Australian premiere of vln/vc setting

Vítězslava Kaprálová:  Elegy (vln, pno) * Australian premiere

Elena Kats-Chernin: Blue Silence (vc, pno)

Elena Kats-Chernin: Excerpts from Unsent Letters of Eric Satie (pno)

Elena Kats-Chernin: Solitudes *World premiere, commissioned for Muses by Alex and Mary Milanovic.

Elena Kats-Chernin: The Offering (piano quintet)

Elena Kats-Chernin:  The Spirit and the Maiden (vln, vc, pno)

Lynette Lancini: Musica Soma (vln, vc, pno) * World premiere

Hilary Kleinig: Cockatoos (vln, vc, pno) *World premiere

Hilary Kleinig: Finding Beauty & Hugged *World premiere of piano trio version

Ella Macens: The Brightest Star in the Sky *Australian premiere

Christine McCombe: Anregung (vln, vc, pno)

Kate Moore: Whoever you are, come forth (vc)

Kate Moore: Dies Irae (vln, pno)  *World premiere recording

Nicole Murphy:   Pearl  *World premiere commissioned for Muses by Vicki Brooke.

Nicole Murphy:    Surface II (vln, vc, pno)

Nicole Murphy:   Spinning Top (vln, vc, pno)

Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel: Piano Trio in D minor, Op. 11

Kate Neal: Song for Comb Man (solo piano)

Kate Neal: Tradere  *World premiere commissioned for Muses by Vicki Brooke

Natalie Nicolas: Music for Calm and Catharsis  (vln, vc,pno) *World premiere recording

Camille Pépin: The Road not Taken (vln, vc, pno) *Australian premiere

Caroline Shaw: Thousandth Orange (vln, vla, vc, pno) *Australian premiere

Clara Schumann: Three Romances (vln, pno)

Clara Schumann: Piano Trio (vln, vc, pno)

Margaret Sutherland: Nocturne (vln, pno)

Germaine Tailleferre: Pastorale (vln, pno)

Germaine Tailleferre: Piano Trio

Various: Fire Dances, commissioned by ABC Fresh Start Fund 2020.  Cathy Applegate (Cycads After Fire), Nat Bartsch (Haze for Days) Olivia Davies (Haze), Izzy Gerometta (Will-o-wisp), Maria Grenfell (Wall of Flames), Elena Kats-Chernin (In the Embers’ Path), Hilary Kleinig (Fire Storm), Natalie Williams (Crowning Dance)  *World premiere recording and performance.

Pauline Viardot: Tarantelle (vln, pno)

Joyce Wai-chung Tang: Snowy Landscape (vln, vc, pno) * Australian premiere

Emma Wilde:  Aphrodite Urania / Aphrodite Pandemos (vln,vc, pno)  *Australian premiere

Natalie Williams: Songs of Silent Earth (vln, vc, pno) *World premiere, commissioned for Muses by Vicki Brooke

Natalie Williams: The Burning Land (vc, pno)