Finding Beauty

In celebrating International Women’s Day 2024, Muses Trio presents a shimmering program curated around beauty. While we may have little power over the world and what is happening in it, we can resolve to seek, create and nurture beauty, love, and kindness in our own lives, radiating outwards.  We open with the warmth of Finding Beauty and Hugged (Hilary Kleinig), and honour two forces of nature from the past, Amy Beach and Margaret Sutherland. The program also includes two works from Muses’ new 10 Year anniversary album: Ella Macens’ glowing work The Brightest Star in the Night, and the world premiere performance of Nat Bartsch’s meditative Under the Thinking Tree, written for the Muses.

Featured Composers


Finding Beauty, Hilary Kleinig

Hugged, Hilary Kleinig

Dreaming, Op. 15, Amy Beach

Under the Thinking Tree, Nat Bartsch

Nocturne (Violin and Piano), Margaret Sutherland

The Brightest Star in the Night, Ella Macens